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What Does RVLots.ca Offer?

We offer permanent and semi-permanent vacation sites for RV owners. Similar to seasonal lots, but better in just about every way. In Alberta, we offer 35 year leases, and in BC, full ownership of your RV Site. 

What are the benefits of a long term lease?

The long term lease concept was developed to create an efficient way to provide an RV site under terms abundantly in the purchaser's favour.

1. Convenience. Instead of packing up and dragging the trailer out every weekend, you can jump in your car with a six pack and bag of groceries and be set up in front of the firepit in 45 minutes.

2. Community. Our RV Resorts have a special extra taste of community. It is the reason we launched our business. There is a sense of community from the oldest to the youngest camper. These are the people that you spend the best part of your vacation time with. Because everyone has a vested interest in their site and the park as a whole, there is a sense of community not found at a campground full of weekend warriors. Your neighbour is more respectful and takes better care of their site than you would expect at a regular campground. There are community minded events on weekends, and your neighbours look out for you and your children or grandchildren when you aren't around.

3. Flexibility and Cost. You pay A LOT less up front than a purchase, and your monthly costs are around 1/3 of a seasonal lot with the same services.

What is a long term RV Site lease?

All leases can be different. Essentially, the owner of the property assigns you a portion of their property (the RV Site) for a long period of time, such as 35 years. Usually the 35 year leases are priced between 35k and 45k, paid up front. Monthly rent is collected to make sure the park runs properly, usually $100 to $130/mth. This amount is capped to increase with the Consumer Price Index. 

What if My Plans Change?

Stay for 35 years, 5 years, one year, totally up to you. You may sell, transfer, or will your lease to anyone, no transfer fees or extra costs, at any amount you wish. And best of all, if you ever decide to take a year off to travel in your RV, you could sublease your site while you are gone. If the average serviced seasonal lot leases for $4200 per year and your costs are only $1600, that is a great option.

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Discover A Camping Paradise!!

Your family's own private RV Site at one of our featured RV campground parks is waiting for you - contact us today and we will help you find the perfect spot for a lifetime of family fun!


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